What a lovely name


After they’ve landed, the fairy says. ‘I’ll help you to take off the wings,

so you won’t get cord by a twig.’ As they bend over, Rose follows the fairy

over a dark path. And when they arrive at a clearing she utters a joyful cry.

There’s music and singing. Bright lights and garlands of flowers are

hanging down the trees. ‘Oh,’ she cries, ‘how beautiful is that!’


Everyone seems happy. Then a motherly fairy is coming towards them.

‘Hello,’ she says, ‘how nice that you came along with Anemone.’

'Oh,' Rose says a bit confused, 'my name is Rose' then she shakes hands

with the fairy. But when they’re alone again, they look a bit puzzled

‘I didn’t know ...!’ they call out at the same time. ‘What a lovely name!’














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