To belong


It was overtaking time and

seeing you again, who

were there on the very

beginning, when we

sought for shelter, sister

and brotherly love, as we


started to build our life.

You inspired me to go down

once more into the chambers

of our childhood and

touch the walls of

the foundation where


our life has been built upon,

different in shape and colour

though looking closely enough

one can see the same pattern

over and over in every part

we built. The cement blended


with the sound of laughter,

the smell of food we ate,

music we loved, feelings

and impressions, even

the mischief we got into

as we were little children who


thought love would take care,

reach out, guide and show us how

to face the morrow. How naïve that was!

Seeing you again, I know…

our bond is very strong,

and although we are far apart


it is nice knowing to belong!



Joke van der Ark

Nr. 477 – oktober 2006