Half a million


If I had half a million

then what would I do?

First I’d buy a great big house

but a small one too.


The big house will have servants

to cook and keep it fine.

Parties will be given

for all good friends of mine.


Curtains will be hanging

from the ceiling to the floor.

I’ll have a special servant

to answer just the door.


Each room a different colour,

there guests can sit and chat

and also every bedroom

will have a king-size bed.


The bathroom will have

all it needs, neat and very nice.

white in different shades,

like antarctic ice.


The small house I will hide,

hide behind the trees.

So no one ever finds it.

There I can be in peace.


No servants and no nonsense,

a table and a chair,

a bed where I can rest on,

pen and paper must be there.


So when I want to I can write,

one day I’ll be the best.

If you can keep it to yourself

then you can be my guest.



Joke van der Ark

Nr. 080 – september 1990