Little man


Grown up now do you remember

long ago a wedding day?

You were my little brides man

a witness at a play –

a vow for live – cherish and love

for ever – all the way.


We didn’t know that you one day

would grow into an artist –

and I- would ever write a line.

Nor that we turn and twist

our minds, to find what seems to us

the world till then just missed.


I still remember how we laughed

as you stood there and cried

because you didn’t want to wear

the clothes that we had hired,

a pair of trousers, jacket, hat

which filled our hearts with pride.


The vow I gave the man I love

I kept through all the years.

I lived and loved, gave birth –

and cried a lake of tears.

He loves me too for what I am –

my laughter’s and my fears.


He-, doesn’t understand the depths

-of thoughts- I put to paper.


I’m pleased to know – you do instead.



Joke van der Ark

Nr. 227 – april 1994